FinessCity 3 Piece Cookware Set Review

FinessCity 3 Piece Cookware Set Review
Titanium Camping Cookware Set 3-Piece Review



​Strong, lightweight, durable, dishwasher  safe


​No lids, price


​An incredibly durable lifetime guarantee set of titanium pots, sadly they have no lids

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The outdoors can be a tough place to navigate, even when you’re doing something as fun as a camping trip. The gear you purchase needs to be able to match these tough conditions and especially when it comes to cookware that’s going to prepare the food to keep you nourished.

Most cookware sets made for camping have loads of gear inside, but they’re not really made as tough as they should be. If you prefer something that you can throw into your backpack and get on with the adventure at hand, you’ll need a cookware set that’s made tough stuff that won’t break after just a few uses.

The solution to this is the material used to make the cookware, so you can’t rely on any old plastic or metal to get the job done. Titanium is known as one of the most durable materials around and something that’s perfect for a cookware set that you can take camping.

FinessCity has created a set of cookware made totally from titanium, giving you all of the benefits that this material offers. We’re going to check out what’s included and the best and worst features to see if this is a worthwhile addition to your next camping trip, and what you can expect.

FinessCity 3 Piece Cookware Set

Titanium Camping Cookware Sizes

When you’re looking for quality camping gear, the best place to go is a reputable brand that knows what they’re doing. FinessCity has a huge selection of camping accessories including cookware and they’ve been around for many years with countless loyal customers.

The FinessCity 3 Piece Cookware Set is all about strength, and this type of durability is much appreciated when you’re camping in the great outdoors. With three pieces in this set including two pots and one pan, so you can cook just about anything your heart and stomach desires, even on a camping trip.

The durable titanium used to create this set is what makes it so special, as it’s known for being a super tough substance. When you choose durability for your next cookware set, you’ll get the following features from the FinessCity 3 Piece package:

  • ​1.2L pot, 800ml pot, and 400ml pan;
  • ​100% titanium construction;
  • ​Lifetime guarantee;
  • Lightweight and nestable for easy carrying;
  • Eco-friendly and dishwasher friendly;

​​​​This is seriously tough titanium cookware that will let you make just about anything, whether it’s scrambled eggs, a steak or a pot of rice. You don’t have to go without when you’re camping as long as you have a durable and reliable cookware set like the FinessCity one to rely on, and it’s ideal for all types of campers.

The Good and the Bad

There’s nothing too complex in this set so it suits people who don’t like to take much along. You have the option of mixing and matching whatever you need, and taking along the other essentials, or just using it as it is. No money is wasted with gear you won’t ever use which happens all the time with other brands of camping cookware sets.

What makes titanium such a great choice for cookware is not just its strength, but how lightweight it is as well. When you put all three pieces together they weigh just over half a pound so you don’t even feel this addition to your backpack. It’s perfect for lightweight campers or those who take a car along, and everyone in between.

One major downside to the design of these pots is that they don’t have a lid. While they stack together when not in use, if you wanted to use just one pot on its own you’ll have to source your own lid. Trying to find one that matches the measurements isn’t that easy to do, so it seriously falls short here.

Where to Buy Your FinessCity 3 Piece Cookware Set

Titanium Camping Cookware Egg

If you want a seriously strong set of cookware for your next camping trip, you can go to Amazon to get the FinessCity 3 Piece Cookware Set. The complete package can be purchased online and for around $80, which is a pretty good bargain considering how long it’s designed to last. You’ll have to factor in the other items your camp kitchen might need though, so keep that in mind.

FinessCity has done what not many others have, and that’s to offer a lifetime guarantee on this cookware set. This just proves the quality of titanium and what it’s capable of, so if you want to only ever purchase one set again then this is the way to go. They also offer a 30-day trial so if yours arrives and you don’t like it, you can send it back for an instant full refund.

When you shop with Amazon you’ll also benefit from their free shipping, and members of Amazon Prime will have theirs delivered in just two days. This is a lot easier than heading to your local camping store and also means no waiting in line just to get what you need. Amazon has most of the FinessCity range available if you want to mix and match with their other cookware to create a complete set for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants to be stuck in the wilderness with faulty cookware so investing in a durable set like the FinessCity 3 Piece Cookware Set is the way to go. This set will never let you down and it’s covered with a lifetime guarantee, so you don’t need much more proof than that about its quality.

Although this set is complete for cooking, there are still other things you’ll need to prepare and eat food. However, for a durable and top-rated cookware set that will always stay in your camping kit, click here to get yourself the FinessCity 3 Piece Cookware Set.

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