Winterial Camping Cookware Set Review

Winterial Camping Cookware Set Review
Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set Review



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​Aluminum construction


​High quality lightweight set of cookware that has everything one person could need

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There are many types of outdoor enthusiasts around, whether you prefer to take your car along or hike to your destination. One thing that most campers can agree on though, is the need to have lightweight and quality gear that’s easier to carry but is still as reliable as possible.

When it comes to cookware and cooking sets, these can tend to get pretty bulky and heavy. However, because we need to eat and keep our energy up when you’re in the great outdoors, it’s a sacrifice that we usually make in order to stay nourished.

If you’re someone who prefers the lightweight approach to camping, you’ve probably been wondering how you can reduce your load when it comes to cookware. Searching through most lightweight cooking sets usually ends up with a lot of subpar results though, and so you might go back to your heavy duty gear.

Winterial has tried to tackle this solution with their Camping Cookware and Pot Set that promises to be light in weight but heavy in durability. If you’ve been looking for a new cookware set that won’t take up most of your weight allowance, check out our review of this innovative product to see if it can stand up to the test of the outdoors.

Winterial Camping Cookware Set

Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set Review

Winterial is an outdoor specialist brand with a keen interest in the colder climates, but their range of cookware is ideal for all types of campers and outdoor lovers. Their goal as a brand is to make your adventure more enjoyable with practical gear, solving problems that other products can’t seem to tackle.

The Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set is an incredibly lightweight one, weighing in at just 1.5 pounds. This would suit anyone who needs a cookware set to take with them but doesn’t want to be weighed down, and they promise that the quality is just as good as something more heavy duty.

If you’ve been looking for an ultralight cookware set that doesn’t cost a fortune, this could be right up your alley. Winterial has a good reputation for making quality camping gear but with the added bonus of lightweight construction, so this set ticks all of the boxes. Within the set, you’ll find the following features:

  • ​1 piece set featuring pot, frying pan, and tea kettle;
  • ​Weighs under 1.5lbs;
  • ​Comes with carrying bag;
  • Pots and pans are non stick Teflon coated;
  • Made with light aluminum oxide;

​​​​This is an award-winning cookware set so you can have some peace of mind that others before you have tried it and loved it. There’s no need to think when you’re packing this and it won’t weigh you down, so the Winterial Camping and Cookware Set is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons

There are 11 pieces in this set by Winterial so it’s got a little more than most standard cookware sets but not as much as the total packages. You’ll get a large pot, frying pan, tea kettle, ladle, bowl, and even cleaning gear, so for one person, it has everything you need to prepare and eat your food.

The convenience factor of this cookware set is what makes it a standout. You can pack all of the pieces together in a small bag and it’ll still only weigh 1.5lbs and take up virtually no room. For how much use you get out of it, you won’t find another set that’s as lightweight and convenient to carry like this.

This set is made with aluminum which helps adds the lightweight factor but means it won’t necessarily last forever. While you will get a lot of good use out of it, you’ll have to spend more to invest in a higher quality material like titanium, so this probably isn’t’ the best choice for campers who use their cookware all the time.

Where to Buy a Winterial Set

​To make your next outdoor experience even more lightweight, you can go to Amazon to get the Winterial Camping Cookware Set.

The complete set costs less than $50 thanks to a current promotion that offers around $10 off the usual price.

When you’re shopping with Amazon, you’ll also get free shipping so the Winterial Cookware Set will be sent straight to your door for nothing

Winterial Camping Cookware Pots Review

​When you’re shopping with Amazon, you’ll also get free shipping so the Winterial Cookware Set will be sent straight to your door for nothing. To get is sent express and use it within 48 hours, you’ll either have to be part of the Amazon Prime program or pay a little extra, but for those last minute camping trips it’ll be worth it.

Amazon offers other related products that can complete your camping cookware setup, so consider checking them out. There are portable gas stoves, BBQ sets, utensils and all manner of camping and hiking gear, so they have a massive selection to choose from.

Unfortunately, there’s no word of a warranty being offered by Winterial for this cookware set. This might be standard in the budget-friendly range of cookware, but if you prefer to have something with a guarantee of quality you’ll want to continue shopping around. Being outdoors specifically, things tend to get used a lot more harshly, so protection could be a good idea.

The Verdict

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality lightweight set of cookware, as you can find it with the Winterial Camping Cookware Set. The total package weighs a light 1.5lbs which makes for easy traveling and it’s got everything that a single person needs to prepare and eat all kinds of meals.

Camping cookware doesn’t have to be complicated nor should it weigh you down, so this ticks both of those boxes. If you’re looking for a convenient and lightweight way to cook when you’re on your next adventure, click here to grab the Winterial Camping Cookware Set.

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